Momomoon is a personal empowerment brand for kids and young adults. Momomoon can always call up what she needs, and so can you. When she needs extra strength she summons her inner ninja. When she needs more confidence she leans on her inner punk. When she’s standing firmly grounded in her truth, she appears as she feels in her heart — she appears as herself. The world of Momomoon is a world in which we are all enough and have what it takes. It is a world that imagines a society in which we fully believe in everyone's potential and celebrate that which makes each of us unique. The intention behind Momomoon is to inspire people to know and realize their own potential. Momomoon serves as a reminder that we all have what it takes to overcome the obstacles in our path. We all have times when we feel scared, confused, lost or overwhelmed. The key is remembering that we all have within us what we need to face a challenge. Just as Momomoon does, we can depend on the inner strength, confidence, and wisdom that lie within each of us.

Momomoon  was intentionally created as an animal character to take topics such as race and body image out of the equation. We are all irreplaceable, yet sometimes we can be so afraid to realize our whole selves and shine. The intention of Momomoon is to inspire others to trust that they are enough.